About Us

Who We Are

Canadian Exotic Leather is a leather wholesale/retail company based out of Oakville Ontario. The company specializes in buying and selling good quality exotic leathers such as American Alligator, Crocodile, Python, Beaver Tail and Stingray and offers to Canadian customers at a competitive price without the need for expensive import fees such as CITES permit and other related duties. 

Why Buy from Canadian Exotic Leather

Currently, there is no real exotic leather retail presence in Canada and so Canadian leatherworkers and leather crafting companies have no option but to source exotic leathers from abroad. 

Buying exotic leather legally from abroad is very expensive, as the cost of CITES permit and other import costs makes this uneconomical for most low volume buyers. As an example, it costs around $650 to $750 CAD to import an alligator hide from the U.S. and for an alligator hide that costs $500, it is not feasible without spending thousands of dollars on multiple hides to spread out the hefty import costs. As a result, most Canadian leatherworkers simply can not offer exotic leather products to their customers. 

Canadian Exotic Leather takes care of the import costs and so Canadian customers can now buy good quality exotic leathers within Canada at a very competitive price without the added prohibitive import costs. 

Message from the Owner

The goal is for Canadian leatherworkers to have the ability to expand their product offerings through the use of exotic leathers, as well as to promote creativity and artistry by incorporating unique patterns and textures of different exotic leathers in the product design. The possibility is endless and it is exciting to see what people can make with these beautiful skins. 

As a fellow Canadian leatherworker, I sincerely hope that we can help strengthen the Canadian leather crafting community by giving more "tools" to talented artists to created beautiful and unique products that we can proudly call #madeincanada.